Yuko Fujitsuka

Yuko Fujitsuka found a delight in learning art making during her study at the college.
She has engaged in making the daily objects in glass since her career as an instructor at Okazaki Glass Studio Aoi where she worked for 12years.
She is a the founder of Glass Studio Nanahoshi since 2013.

1999/2003 BILD-WERK FRAUENAU Animation,Glass printig workshop (Germany)
1999 Graduated from Academy of Architecture and Design Prague, Major Glass Architecture Semiannual Period (Czech Republic)
1999 Graduated From Aichi University of Education Graduate School, Art department of education,Major Glass(MFAs)

1996 Graduated from Aichi University of Education, Dpartment of Arts and Crafts(BA)

2010 Glass printing workshop, Sakushima Benten Salon
2003 Glass printing workshop, Gallery Sawarabi
1999-2011 Belong to Okazaki Glass Studio AOI as Instructor


2004 'The International Exhibition of Glass Knazawa 2004' Silver Prize (Ishikawa)
2000/2005 Selected New Glass Review The Corning Museum of Glass (USA)
1998 'ContemporaryArt Solid Short Piece Exhibition' A fine work (Tokyo)
1997 '27th Annual GAS Conference Student Exhibition' Judge's Award (Arizona, USA)

Solo Exhibition
2006 'Motif Glass' Cafe Gallery kogomi (Aichi)
2005 'Boxes of Archives' Gallery Sawarabi (Aichi)
2004/2005 'Tools of Daily Life' Gallery Sumi (Aichi)
2002-2003 Installation at courtyard in Okazaki Mindscape Museum restaurant (Aichi)
2002 'Water bowl' Gallery Sawarabi (Aichi)

2001 'There are doors everywhere' Ginza Ono Gallery (Tokyo)
1999 'Present' T's Gallery (Aichi)2000 'Around '96-'99' Gallery Space KARINA (Fukuoka)

Exhibition Contest
2013 'Art Kameyama 2013' Higashimati mall in Kameyama (Mie)
2007 'Lake Toya International Sculpture Biennale' (Hokkaido)
2004 'The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2004' (Ishikawa)
1998 'The Second Contemporary Glass Exhibition Satsuma' (Kagoshima)
1996 'Japan Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition in Notojima' (Ishikawa)

Group Exhibition
2011 ' Things in the UTI-Three people who consider the possibility of the glass' Shumoku house (Aichi)
2010 'FROZEN-IN TENTION' Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung (Germany)
2010 'Forest of the Aichi Art, Sakushima Hina no Matsuri' Benten Salon (Aichi)
2009 'Of a house and form and and the form there is not it' Horibe's House (Gifu)
2003 'Glass Printing Exhibition' Gallery Sawarabi (Aichi)
2000 'Los Artistas-Possiblity of Glass-' Kasugai Culture Forum (Aichi)
2000-13 Glalery2 Plan Exhibition, Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center (Aichi)
2000-11 'Form of The Vessels' Okazaki Glass Studio AOI, Okazaski Mindscape Museum shop Crosspia (Aichi)
1999 'Krauzury Term Project' Akademy of Architecture and Design, Prague (Czech Republic)


Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung (Germany)